Monday, May 19, 2008

Fat Camp - Day 15

Beer - the enjoyable way to lose weight. (Photo by stoicviking)

I believe I have now proven without a doubt that one cannot gain weight by drinking beer alone. My theory has been and still is that a "beer gut" is due to drinking beer and eating carbohydrates, not just beer. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. Even if it fails, it'll have been an entertaining experiment.

What has this got to do with fat camp? Well, I skipped the pizza part on Saturday and ate a steak instead. That was all I had to eat that entire day. We had a long pub crawl, so there was no shortage of pints, but this strange diet actually had a negative impact on my weight - I'm back to less than 60 kilos. Don't ask me how it's possible (beer has carbohydrates, after all), but it is. So, it's going to be less drinking and more solid food this week to cross that 60 mark again.

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