Friday, May 16, 2008

Fat Camp - Day 12

The gods made dark chocolate, and I saw that it was good. (Photo by suavehouse113)

I feel like I've been eating more than ever this week, but today when I stepped on the scale I was shocked to see that I'm still at 60 kilos. It would seem logical to me that, even though I'm mostly on a low-carb diet, the generous amounts of chocolate and bananas I've been consuming during this fat camp would have had some kind of effect on my weight. Apparently not.

I know that it's possible to gain weight by eating more carbohydrates, but since I'm concerned about negative health effects other than weight gain, I'm reluctant to do so. On the other hand, simply increasing - or trying to increase - the amount of protein and fat I eat doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I know for certain that my meals have been bigger than normal, and yet I'm stuck at 60 kg.

I think tomorrow is going to be another "mandatory beer and pizza"-day whether I like it or not (and a part of me really does), so maybe that'll help. Two kilos should not be this hard.

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