Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fat Camp - Day 16

Hamburgers - my key to the long-lost kingdom of lard. (Photo by pointnshoot)

Looks like cream's back on the menu, boys! In addition to relighting my long-lost love for heavy cream, I have done the unthinkable and eaten hamburgers and drunk coke, both of which should give me a boost on my way to chubby city.

To once again practise the art of making cream smoothies, I whipped out the old (well, actually brand new) blender that I had gotten from the store in exchange for the previous one that broke after six months. As it happens, the new one broke after using it twice. So here's a free tip for you smoothie criminals: if you're thinking of buying an OBH Nordica blender, think twi... again.

I'm thinking of taking it back and asking if they could give me some chocolate bars in return.

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