Monday, April 28, 2008

Preventing Mouth Ulcers with Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste - Results after Seven Weeks

The ancient magic of the tea trees seems to be unnoticeable. (Photo by Richard Saunders)

Yet another setback in what I've come to call the "tea tree oil toothpaste tragedy".

The idea of the experiment was to see whether toothpaste has anything to do with developing mouth ulcers, as some theories suggest. I had such high hopes, but I think I've actually had more mouth ulcers while using the toothpaste than usually.

And as if that wasn't enough, I went to the dentist and was told that I have a new dental cavity as well. Whether that's due to the toothpaste is anyone's guess, but I'm not too happy with the results of this experiment.

I'm going to finish the tube no matter what, but if anyone has ideas on how to stop mouth ulcers from appearing, let's hear them.

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