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World's Oldest Woman and Oldest Man: 1986–2010

World's Oldest Woman and Oldest Man: 1986–2010
I came across this graph while browsing through the latest issue of Rejuvenation Research. The black line shows the age of the oldest living woman; the grey line shows the age of the oldest living man. The data spans from 1986 to 2010.

A couple of things pop out from this graph. First, during the last 24 years, the oldest person in the world has always been a woman. Not a big surprise there, since women live longer in general. Quite a few men have gotten past 112 years, but reaching 116 seems impossible. For female supercentenarians, reaching 114 is relatively common, and a few have even reached 116.

The second thing that catches the eye is the highest point on the graph: that's Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122, making her the longest-living person ever in the world. No one else has reached even 121. Shigechiyo Izumi is missing from the graph – he was claimed to have died at the age of 120, but according to the authors, he was in fact 15 years younger.

Looks like there's a slight trend towards longer-living supercentenarians, but I'm not sure it's significant. Certainly we haven't seen anyone like Jeanne Calment in over a decade. What this graph doesn't tell us, of course, is whether the percentage of people who reach 110 years of age has changed significantly during the same time period.

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