Saturday, July 5, 2008

Topical Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth - Results after One Month

The oil from tea trees is said to have antiandogenic properties. (Photo by girlnagun)

So far, I've seen no results from my tea tree oil experiment - that is, the one where I rub tea tree oil mixed with sesame oil on one of my legs to see whether it's antiandrogenic.

I must admit there have been some days I haven't applied this secret formula on my leg, but still, the results have been disappointing. I'm not sure how good a carrier oil sesame seed oil really is, so yesterday I mixed tea tree oil with some melted cocoa butter and used that instead.

I also added some korean red ginseng extract, which has been shown to increase hair growth in mice. There's also a patent claim that says it's effective in promoting function of cell activity. It is suggested in the patent claim that these two combined might bring improved results.

The stuff they used in the mouse study and the stuff I ordered is an alcoholic extract, however, so I'm not sure how it really mixes with the cocoa butter. It seemed to dissolve alright, but I'm no chemist, so who knows. I took a risk and applied it to a part of my scalp as well.

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