Thursday, June 26, 2008

Regular vs Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste and Mouth Ulcers - Results after One Week

Regular toothpaste, the stuff of nightmares. (Photo by james_michael_hill)

A while ago I mentioned that I had ran out of the tea tree oil toothpaste I'd been using to get rid of the mouth ulcers that appear every now and then. During the first few weeks I didn't see much difference, but after that there was a longer than usual period of ulcer-free brushing.

A week ago I bought a tube of regular toothpaste, and the very next day I noticed a new ulcer. Whether that had something to do with the toothpaste or not is hard to say, though. Luckily it also went away after a few days - usually it takes at least a week. I did take 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily during the next few days, which may have helped.

I will continue using the regular toothpaste to see whether there is any difference to the tea tree oil toothpaste.

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