Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hair experiment interview - part two

Stop washing your hair and get the natural look you want. (Photo by ***claire***)

Here's the second part of the interview:

Changes and sensual experiences

Could you tell me about the changes to your hair during the experiment?

- Sensual experiences - In relation to feeling, touching, smelling, looking at your hair

Before the experiment, my hair smelled like shampoo and conditioner after washing it. During the experiment, it smelled more like hair smells naturally – kind of like in a barbershop, only much milder. I don’t think it was a bad smell at all, and nowadays it doesn’t smell much like anything. Or at least I don’t notice it.

The feel of the hair was pretty oily and dirty most of the time during the first couple of weeks. Even when it looked adequately clean, it felt heavier than it did after using shampoo. After washing with shampoo, it always felt really light, which I didn’t really like. These days, even after I’ve washed with water and it looks clean, it still feels distinctly different compared to before. I prefer this new feel much more, though I sometimes miss how it looks after using shampoo and conditioner. Also, when I used shampoo the colour of the hair was a lighter blonde than it is after using only water. The current colour is a more yellow blonde. I’m not sure which one is better.

On you blog you posted that “it feels more natural than when I’ve washed it with shampoo and conditioner”, “I can barely remember what it was like to have clean hair” and “feeling a little dirty again”. Could you tell me a bit more about these statements?

- What do you mean by “natural feel of hair”? Can you describe that feel?

- What is clean hair like?

- What do you mean by “feeling a little dirt again”? Can you describe that feeling?

To me, there was always something unnatural and annoying about how my hair felt after using shampoo and conditioner. Most importantly, it felt too light. Of course I liked the fact that it looked clean, but it felt much more normal and better the next day after washing it. When it gets really dirty, it feels bad again: the scalp feels oily and a little itchy, and the hair feels greasy. It also gets tangled really easily.

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